free and open-source jumpstart for AWS

superwerker is a free and open-source solution that allows you to quickly set up a secure AWS Cloud environment for your business without investment in extensive research or consultancy fees. It is built by AWS Advanced Partners kreuzwerker and superluminar who have decades of experience setting up and automating AWS Cloud environments.

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  • Automated AWS Setup

    Official AWS Quick Start with best practices built-in

    Automated AWS Setup
  • Best Practices

    Bundled experiences of two AWS Advanced Partners

    Best Practices
  • Save Time and Money

    Secure AWS environment in hours instead of weeks

    Save Time and Money

This is how it works!

What we provide

superwerker lets you set up a secure multi-account AWS Cloud environment in just a few clicks. It has been developed to follow the latest best practices in cloud security and efficiency, by AWS Advanced Partners who have decades of experience in the field of cloud computing.

Regardless of company size, superwerker lets you focus foremost on running your business. Start-ups and small-to-medium businesses can profit when time-to-market and financial aspects are concerns, while larger companies can funnel resources away from distracting setup and maintenance tasks and concentrate on providing great services.

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superwerker features

  • AWS Control Tower Control Tower for a secure multi-account setup
  • Security Hub Security Hub for continuous monitoring of security best practices
  • GuardDuty GuardDuty for continuous threat detection
  • AWS Backup AWS Backup for an automatic backup of databases, volumes and file systems
  • Billing & Budget Setup Billing/Budget Setup for cost management
  • Preventive Guardrails Preventive Guardrails to protect the infrastructure
  • Living Documentation Living documentation Dashboard for guidance and next steps
  • Notification Center Notification Center OpsCenter for notifications / incident response handling
  • Secure AWS Account Mailboxes Secure AWS Account Mailboxes Dedicated secure mail domain for AWS accounts

Trusted by
hundreds of AWS Customers

Increase efficiency and impact: The installation of superwerker runs on a one-click CloudFormation template, which sets up all basic services. After installation, superwerker offers a living documentation for further guidance, next steps, and standard operating procedures. superwerker is also an official AWS Quick Start.

See a full overview of all features here

Happy Clients

"Thanks to superwerker we could
quickly and cost effectively begin
development with a secure and
scaleable AWS setup."
Alexander Liebisch - CEO
Easy-Tutor GmbH

"Superwerker made our AWS
cloud efforts a lot easier
and helped us to remain focused
on our workloads."
John Andert - Lead Developer
Case King GmbH

  • Easy-Tutor GmbH
  • Caseking GmbH
  • Aignostics GmbH

Consultants & custom-built

  • Upfront costs
  • Delayed start due to setup time
  • Recurring maintenance efforts
  • Limited single case solution
  • Potential security issues
  • Maintenance costs

Basic Setup

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Immediate start
  • Near-zero maintenance costs
  • Open Source
  • Security controls enabled
  • Stay up-to-date with best practices

Guided Installation

  • An individual workshop led by our experts to introduce and setup superwerker tailored to your needs.

Default pattern: "Start building right away"

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Immediate start
  • Unsecure AWS setup
  • Recurring maintenance efforts

Let us guide you

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Behind the scenes

  • About kreuzwerker

    kreuzwerker GmbH is a full-stack software consulting company founded in 2010. The company has been an AWS APN Advanced Consulting Partner since 2015 and was the first DACH APN partner to acquire the new AWS APN DevOps competence. kreuzwerker experts have integrated native cloud software development for hundreds of customers in start-up, SME and corporate environments.

  • About superluminar

    Superluminar GmbH, founded in Hamburg in 2017, is a cloud consulting boutique specialized in AWS and known for authentic hands-on consulting. superluminar advises start-ups, media houses and MDAX companies. As an AWS Advanced Partner, superluminar works closely with AWS and other partners from the AWS eco-system.